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New Craft group starts 11th Feb - details on the website

Exercise / Boxing  update! 

Please note that there is 

No Boxing this Wednesday 9th February 2022 


We have some exciting news to share with you all. 

We have a new venue, new time and new trainer ( well not exactly a new trainer - Deb is back!! )

All the details are included in this email, but please feel free to call either Madonna or Stuart to clarify anything you are unsure about.

Below is all the information that relates to the new class

I am really looking forward to training you all again!  

Kind regards,


New Venue

Kelvin Grove YMCA 

Level 1 

44 Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove (inside QUT Kelvin Grove Campus) 

Ph: 3556 7648 


Wednesdays 11am to 11.45am commencing 16th February.  

Unfortunately, we will need to limit the class to 45 minutes since there is only one Group Fitness room and there is a Boxing Circuit Class starting at 12pm in the same room. Finishing at 11.45am will give us 5 minutes or so to wipe down any equipment we have used, ready for the next class in line with YMCA procedures.

Deb teaches an Aqua Aerobics class in the YMCA pool (Ground Floor) from 10am to 10.45am on Wednesdays, so she will head straight upstairs to the Group Fitness Room after she has packed up the Aqua equipment.  


A flat rate for all participants of $10 per class. Payment can be made at reception on Level 1 by either cash or card. 

There is the option of upgrading your visit to utilise the entire gym facility or pool before or after the class.   

Class only = $10 

Class + pool OR gym = $15 

Class + pool & gym = $15 paid at the gym and $5 paid at the pool. 



Given you all have a medical condition, the YMCA are requesting a Doctor’s Clearance form from all of you to allow you to use the facilities. The clearance doesn’t need to go into detail, it simply needs to state that a doctor is aware of ‘X’ medical conditions and the patient is cleared for exercise. If you are only cleared for low impact exercise or supervised training that will also need to be stated on the letter. 

You will also need to complete a Casual User Agreement. It is basically a pre-exercise questionnaire. It is a 2 page document but since you will not need to join as members, you only need to fill out page 1.

Attached is a copy of this form, so you can complete it before you come in to save time on the first day. Hand this in at the reception desk, along with your Doctor’s clearance and class payment. All attendee details will then be kept on record at the club.  


The car park entrance is on Blamey Street. There is a sign on the wall near the entrance that says 44 Musk Ave.

We don’t have a great map of the car park, attached is what we have.

Basically, entering from Blamey Street go down the ramp then turn left and through the boom gate which is open. Turn right and go up the ramp following the pink arrows around to the back until you find the section with the red dots on the floor and red signs on the walls with YMCA on them. There are 25 YMCA car spaces marked with either a red YMCA dot or a YMCA sign on the wall.

Attached a picture of the red YMCA dots on the floor or signage on the wall, so you know what to look for.  

It is basically the front 2 rows that are allocated to YMCA (marked as 263 to 287 on the attached map). If you park elsewhere, there is the possibility that you can be fined, so please be careful to park in the designated car spaces. The YMCA car spaces are used by staff, gym and pool users. As such there is no guarantee that there will be car parks available when you arrive. The other thing to bear in mind is that there is an Aqua Aerobics class that finishes at 10.45am, right before our class begins at 11am, so the majority of car spaces may already be taken by the Aqua ladies. Many of them use the showers after the class so they may still be occupying car spaces by the time you arrive.

An alternative option is using the Woolworths car park across the road which is free for the first 2 hours. There is minimal street parking available as most have a 30 minute time limit.  


There are 4 mobility impaired carparks downstairs. 2 signed as QUT and 2 not. 

We have been advised that if the participant has an Australian Disability Permit (ADP), then they can use the QUT sign-posted mobility impaired bays.  If these are occupied, then they can use one of the other QUT bays.  At all times they must display the ADP otherwise they risk receiving a fine. 

Please DO NOT use the other mobility impaired bays (that are signed as visitors), as these are leased to other tenants in the building.  


From the car park: Catch one of 3 lifts from Level B1 to Level 1. As you exit the lift, turn left and walk almost to the end. The Gym entrance is the last door on your left.  

Musk Avenue entrance (from street level): Walk into the building on the Ground Floor. From there you can either use the lift or walk up the stairs to get to Level 1.  

There is a Loading zone on Musk Avenue directly opposite Woolworths outside the ground floor entrance. This is probably the best option if you are being dropped off by someone. You then have the option of either taking the lift or stairs up to Level 1.  


There is quite a bit of exercise equipment stored in the Group Fitness Room. Although there are no boxing bags at YMCA, they do have boxing gloves and mitts available for us to use. Anyone using the YMCA boxing gloves will need to bring their own inner gloves to wear.

Deb will look at getting some pool noodles to cut up, as Madonna said the previous boxing trainer used these and they worked quite well. We will also have access to 14 Spin bikes, Steps from the Pump Class, Kettlebells, weight plates, a ladder, Pilates balls and Pilates circles.

Madonna was keen to change the name of the group to the Parkinson’s Exercise Group (PEG for short) to make the program a little broader than just boxing and hopefully attract others who might be put off by the word ‘boxing’ in the title. The equipment we have available really lends itself to circuit style work, so Deb thinks we will be able to build a more balanced workout as a result.

We just need to clean any equipment we use in line with YMCA COVID procedures.  


Carers are welcome to come in and watch the class, so long as total numbers inside the Group Fitness room do not exceed 25 people. Carers will not need to pay to enter the YMCA facility unless they are actually participating in the class or using gym or pool areas. Please be aware there are no chairs inside the group fitness room.   


Masks will need to be worn when entering the building, into the YMCA gym reception area and when entering the Group Fitness Room. Once we start exercising, we can remove the masks for the class, however we will need to put them back on at the end to exit the building.  

Practice good hygiene by washing hands and use of hand sanitizer. Wipes will need to be used to clean any equipment used during the class. We will need to maintain physical distancing. The room size limits class numbers to 25 people (including the trainer and any carers in attendance). 

If you are feeling unwell, you have a fever or are showing any cold/flu like symptoms you should stay at home and NOT attend the class. 



Unfortunately, there is no air conditioning in the Group Fitness room, and since we are using an internal room, it has no windows. There are fans so hopefully this will be sufficient to keep us comfortable when exercising in the summer months.  


Any questions please feel free to contact 

Madonna: 0439 542 628  or Stuart : 0433 974 786


Parkinson's Fighters United 





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